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I was so sleep deprived the other day that I tried to zoom in on a paper

wtf I just made that post

oh wait that is my post

I havent slept in 2 days

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Anonymous said: Seriously. There's no "mental illness" causing you to become enough of a pussy to cut your emo wrists. The whole "recovery" thing is really just you trying to attention whore your way out of your shitty scene phase. Let's face it, all the music you listen to is whining and bitching. Must have inspired your shitty "poetry". Just do the world a favor and kill yourself.













WOW it’s my first ever anon hate! And the anon can use proper grammar? At least you paid attention in first grade.

And you honestly believe that mental illness isn’t real? You’re not just stupid for sending anon hate in the first place, but you’re ignorant as well. Try telling that to a healthcare professional. You’re lucky they can get sued for malpractice if they do justice and chop your dick off in a fit of rage against your stupidity.

Recovery from a mental illness is just like recovery from a physical illness. You wouldn’t say that someone who is recovering from cancer is… Nevermind. You would. Because you are a soggy period stain who has nothing better to do than send anon hate to a 16 year old girl so they wouldn’t get beat up in public for saying what you just said.

And you have the nerve to insult my music taste and poetry? Wow, you’re not only stupid and ignorant, but you’re also immature. You’ve got your head so far up your ass, why don’t you say hello to your small intestine for me?

"Just do the world a favor and kill yourself." You never. Ever. EVER. say that to someone. No matter what. What if I received that in April when I ACTUALLY TRIED TO? Too bad you’re on anon so I can’t find you and embarrass you in public because killing little shits like you is illegal. Since I can’t do that, why don’t you go string together some medieval flails and use them as anal beads for me? Because that’s honestly what you’re worthy of for sending anon hate to a minor who is dealing with constant insecurities every day.

you go girl 

Fuck this little inconsiderate anon. You ignorant bastard.

Don’t fuck the anon

I’m here for you or anyone who need me. :)

Anon. I wish I knew your name so I could make you hate the very sound of it. I wish you had been through what I have so you could understand. But you don’t understand. And that is your folly. You don’t understand what it’s like to wake up in the morning disappointed that you’re still alive. You don’t understand what it is like to hate every inch of your body. And you don’t understand what it is like to feel metal against your skin cutting it open. And if you do. Then you are foolish to use those feelings against someone else. Because anyone who has felt the things I explained above would NEVER want another human being to feel it. Even if that human being is a jerk like you. I’m sorry that you feel like you must bring others down to build yourself up. And I challenge you to come off anon and say something like that. Because I guarantee you KNOW that you would be reported. So I suggest that you stay hidden behind anonymous. Because the second you display your real name you will get reported. Another thing is. Telling someone to kill themselves on the internet is considered cyber bullying which can lead to imprisonment by the offender. Just one or two things for you to think about.

Why does this not have more notes? This is so fucking important.

FUCK. WHY MUST PEOPLE BE SO IGNORANT ABOUT MENTAL ILLNESS. they are an actual fucking problem and fuckers like this jerk anon are just adding on to that fucking problem. I can’t wait until all of the people who have ever had a mental illness rise above and make you all pay for the things you’ve ever said. Because I will never get over the level of ignorance on this subject. If I could rise above my MENTAL ILLNESS of ANXIETY WHICH IS COMPLETELY REAL AND A SERIOUS DISORDER and go around the fucking world and do fucking presentations and speeches on this shit I would. And I would look for people like you. And tell them to educate themselves. And maybe learn a thing or two, before they get beat up for saying things like this to people that have recovered and will NOT take your shit. Or they’ll take it and shove it back up your fucking ass. But for now keep that shit out of the heads of other people. Because you are so fucking wrong. And I hope you see this one day. Because I feel sorry for how dumb you sounded. I’m done.

How the FUCK could you say that to someone?! Maybe you should look up the definition of depression/mental illness. And now I’ve met some real pricks but you sir are a fucking cactus! Are you really that ignorant to say that to a HUMAN BEING?! Dammit! People like you are the reason so many others have commuted suicide. I truly TRULY hope you have trouble sleeping at night.
And from the darkest part of my heart, I wish you long horrid life… Except, there’s a part of me, the part that actually cares about people, that hopes one day you will realize how incredibly awful you were, to wish someone dead by suicide.

U r a bitch if u think that ppl cut bc of attention…ppl cut bc of being bullyed or if some thing happened to them. And there are such things as a mental illness so stfu u r wrong.

Ok I support the hate of this anon and all that but the comment above made me cringe…

Are you fucking serious. I suffer from depression and starve myself. I know i dont look like i do. And our music? Theres nothing wrong with it. You probably like Justin Bieber or some shit. You said whining isnt music? Neither is screeching like a little bitch. Grow a dick faggit

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does anyone else get friend-jealous really easily?

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Beautiful Quote #NewPost [9]
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Human - Christina Perri (Boy Epic Cover) - YouTube


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